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Instant pot chicken kofta meatballs macaroni recipe

Instant pot chicken kofta meatballs macaroni recipe

Instant pot chicken kofta meatballs macaroni recipe


2 fresh eggs

2 tablespoon gram flour

Elbow macaroni 1 cup

Boneless Chicken 1 kg

Salt 1 teaspoon

Red chilli powder 1.5 teaspoon

Turmeric powder 1/2 teaspoon

Coriander powder 1 teaspoon

green chillies 3 to 5 long size

Tomatoes 2 medium sized

Onion 1 large

Method of making recipe

Switch on electric grinder or mincer put in clean chicken , green chillies , tomatoes and onion , chop and grind it well until smooth mixture ,

Boil macaroni on other side,

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Now take a big size bowl put in all minced mixture of chicken then add fresh eggs, all dry spices and gram flour also, mix it well with hand pressure if its thin or thick it’s depends on gram flour quantity now make small small ball of this mixture and fry well until color change to golden brown,


When macaroni has boil retrain excess water from it put one teaspoon oil or spray oil on macaroni and add these kofta balls in macaroni pot mix well sprinkle some black pepper powder on it for garnishing use green chillies and tomatoes your instant pot chicken kofta balls macaroni recipe is ready for eating enjoy this instant pot chicken kofta meatballs macaroni recipe,

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Homemade Vaseline hair mask

Homemade Vaseline hair mask

Homemade Vaseline hair mask

How to make hair mask at home with vaseline / petroleum jelly instantly?


Hair present a good  look on  our overall personality if your hair will smooth  and  shiner then you feel confident and  comfortable while in a party and if your has hair  dull looked  and you are not  taking proper good care of your hair then this only  15 minutes hair mask remedy can save your’s  a lot of time staying at  beauty parlour or applying  expensive hair sprays,

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So the  hair mask which I am sharing with you  is very simple, one thing is white color Vaseline which we called  petroleum jelly is occasionally  places in our home, first take  two teaspoon of petroleum jell in  a bowl then add 3 teaspoon of essentiall almond oil  or coconut oil now mix  it well with teaspoon your  hair mask is ready for applying on  your hair ,


But before applying  this mask on your hair first comb  in your  hair then apply  this petroleum jell hair mask from root  to tips with your fingers to make it smooth , leave it on your hair about 15 minutes then rinse your hair with water , your hair will shiny and smooth look ,

Homemade Vaseline hair mask