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How to loose weight

How to loose weight

How to loose weight

loosing weight is very important question for some people especially for fatty people and they totally worry about it but makes small changes in your lifestyle can bring happiness on your face , such as daily walk of 20 minutes in the morning , at the night drink green tea , eat protein rich diet etc ,

Some people think that they can reduce their weight by staying hunger at whole day but it’s wrong , hungerness will cause other serious issues on your health side ,

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so the best way to lose weight fast is to eat high rich protein diet such as eggs , mutton , beef , chicken , fish , beans and some vegetables and fruits in your daily routine life but in limit , measure quantity of every thing while eating , use small portion size of food ,

How to loose weight in a week

Yeah , some people reduce weight in a week but reducing weight in this way can be dangerous for some people in this way they reduce their weight but loose skin after weight loose ,

How to loose weight fast

Loose weight quickly and fast is not my recommendation , if you will ask from me then my opinion will be to lose weight with in 2 or 3 months not in 2 weeks , and do your self some special activities such as lift weight daily , eat protein rich diet , avoid sugary drinks and sweet dishes , avoid oily or processed foods , avoid fast food etc walk daily , drink green tea daily at night or morning , after two months you will shed many pounds weight so don’t worry , continue your [3] struggles , achieve goal , and enjoy ,

And give us your valuable feedback that how much pounds you sheds in 2 months after reading this article , it will be really a good appreciation for me ,

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  1. Hi there, im thinking about loosing some pounds. I do not know what kind of program I should get. What do you think about this red tea program . Let me know what you fellas think.

    1. Sonja,Take one cup of green tea and one boiled egg in the morning and one cup tea at a night and one chicken piece, in day time eat fresh fruits or vegetables but avoid oily things first week you will loose 5 kg weight , in second week 2 kg, in third week exceed walk duration run more, now you can easily reduce your weight only in three months by doing this,

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