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Content writer Jobs

Can i submit my book?

Yeah, you can submit each and every type of ebook on our platform,

If my book submittion is free?

Of course, for every content writer your book submittion is totally free, there are no hidden charges of your book and we will not demand you any type of charges before and after book submittion this platform is absolutely free for every publisher who can publish his/ her book.

After publishing my book how can i earn money?

You will publish your ebook on our store and when user will buy your ebook then you will got your money in jazzcash,

If I receive money in real time when user will buy my book?

We will pay you instantly in a single day when user will buy your book but It’s depend on you if you want your earning in a month or in a week, if you make changes in receiving your earning monthly or weekly then please contact us before so that we can make record of it, (recommend earning in real time is best instead of waiting month or week)

Can i publish my book as a free?

If you will publish your book as a free then you will receive no money of it and we will label it as a free then people will read your book in free book categories, means you will receive no charges of that book, only you will receive money of your paid books when users will buy it,

Can content writer promote his/her book?

Yes, you can promote your book on social media or any other platform to got more copies sales of your book and got more money,

How much i got my money?

It’s depend on the price of your book you will got only 60% of your every ebook which will you publish and we will take 40% which will cost 20% in your book advertising and we will take only 20% ,

Where will content writer write their book?

You can write your book on your window computer, in Ms office, Ms word, or you can use notes option in your smartphone and make one by one pages and convert these pages in to pdf form, or simply download pdf converter on your smartphone from playstore and make a book then upload that book on our platform because we will only publish PDF types book,

If i have to pay separately fee?

No, you don’t have to pay us a single penny we will deduct 40% automatically and pay you only 60% which is a big share in marketplace,

If i receive money of only one copy per book?

No, you will receive your money every time whenever buyer will purchase your ebook it means if your book fixed price is 200 and copies of that book purchase by users are 10 then you will got 200 of every copy of that book multiply with 10 then it will

200 X 10 = 2000 etc,

it will give benefit and plus point gives author to make more money of one book per each copy if its sell more copies of one book you will get money from your book,

will i see my book in product categories?

When you will publish your book on our platform we will update it automatically in our product categories,

When will i receive my book earning?

You will receive your book earning instantly if its 100 , 2000 or above whenever buyer will purchase your book, it means no wait for payment when book will buy by people you will earn,

How much price should be of my book?

if you want to sell more copies per book then your price should be low not so much high, its only suggestion,

If i fixed my book price high then what will be happen?

No matter, if your book has more quality fullness content then no one can denied your talent and price of book which one else you fix it high or low and your book will buy by customer of their own choice,

Which payment method I will receive my money?

You will receive your money through jazzcash QuickPay,

If i got any issue of payment or about book publishing then where can i contact?

If you got any issue of payment or book publishing you can live chat with us by pressing live chat button at the right corner of screen or you can contact us on our email address you will got fixed your issue soon in a minutes as we see,

If i publish only one or more books?

You can publish one are so many books no matter, fixed price 60% will you receive of each and every copy per book which will purchase by customer,

When will author will get bonus?

if your book cross 1000 copies sale then you will get special bonus from us and you will most encourage to work with us as a team member,

Which type of book can i publish?

Ideas are so big no one can put in pocket you can publish your book about poetry, kids poems collection, recipes, makeup course, stories, technology, science, IT, computer, economy situation, mechanical engineering course, art, stitching courses and even much more you can explore it by self which one you have talent you can write book on each and every topic which one occurr in your mind blowing,

My book should be in which language?

You book should be in English or urdu i will prefer to write in English language it will be possible for every customer to search and read your book,

Where can I upload my book?

You can upload your book in the below of page by submitted your book price, book title, book logo, book link, your mobile phone number where will you receive your book earning, first name etc,

How many pages in my one book?

its a book not a single article so first your book should be to the point, and second it should be starting from minimum 24 pages to maximum doesn’t matter, how many capacity is in you and how much quality content in your book that can higher that book price and people can interesting in your book,

Can i add relevance images in my book?

Yes, you can add images but image relevancy is important image should be about that topic which one are you writing about on it

Can i publish my book in episode?

Yeah, if you consider that your book may be so long that can be boring for people to read in one time then you can publish your book in episode or in book version one or publish more version,  For example you are writing a novel or long story and you consider it may be so long then you can publish it in episodes but remember that you have to must write in book description field that its continues and will publish on that date so that people should not to more wait of it,

If you have any question then freely ask by live chat or through email,

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