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Counsel novel

Counsel novel

Counsel novel

Episode 1

Counsel novel

Samab asked why didn’t you come to university yesterday, Naima told my nature was a little bit worse yesterday. What was happened, it was just a little pain in the head, well, then did you take any medicine, to be okay, yes lying in the house. That was it, okay now it’s not a headache, so let’s go to class again, yeah,

Naima and Samab walk towards class

There are lessons, halfway through now that there is a voice coming from behind,

Naima, Naima ,,,, Stop listening,

The two are stopping there, Samab asks who is he,

Naima says it was Ramiz who met me yesterday, and got a friendship, she is senior to us and is in graduate part 2,

Ramiz comes close to Naima, Hi, how are you Naima, I am good. Naima also asks. How are you looking at Ramiz to Samab, I am also good. Why did Ramiz you give me a voice, Ramiz speaks. You asked me to bring you the notes yesterday,

I bring it, O so sweet of you Ramiz, Thanx a Lot, Ramiz tells Naima that preparing these papers with these notes will easily get you through paas, Samab who has been around for a long time Is listening to things now told,

Let’s say thank you, Naima, thank you ramiz, Samab says then let me thank you, I am going to the classroom, thank you for coming by yourself and leaving long.

Don’t be angry, I will walk along, OK bye, then it will be late for class lecture now. Holding the arm of Naima, let’s go Naima, your talk was not over. Said Naima, Hey, what do you want to know? How beautiful and dashing is the ramiz personality. Girls are dying to talk about him so hot he is, You also have to consider it. One is enough, my repentance is enough for me, all of them, I am university-only to read, not to make friends with junk,

O Samba will not say so now Do not spoil your mood, Samab and Naima arrive in the classroom as long as they are talking,

After a minute, Sir Awais also arrives to give a lecture of the class. Hi class, So do you know what we will discuss today on the topic of head inflation? Yes, that’s right. All of you, so let’s get started by writing on the White Board, why the inflation comes, both the Nawaz and the Nawab suddenly laugh out loudly and stop both friends despite being stopped. No laughter, and Sir Owens’ voice reaches his ears Sir Owys, who is writing on the whiteboard, hears the laughter and speaks angrily. During this lecture, who laughed, who made such a shocking move, who is he, the students of the whole class remained silent, the head again asked if a student stood up in anger. Arguing and the public is practically tolerating inflation; Speak to yourself, why you were laughing, and why you cried so loudly, Sir, you would not insult me,

Sir Awais said if there was an insulating thing, I would definitely do,

Well Sir, I tell you that wherever you are standing right now, the bottle of gum came to me in class and the laughter came to me because your show is still there.

“What does it mean and try to move forward,” said Sir awais

The students of the whole class started laughing out loud and the Nawab also laughed out loud.

The students of the whole class fell silent, so Sir awais took off his feet from the ground-picking shows, but the shoes still shake, the head suddenly realized one thing, he also removed the foot from the other shows and straight on the nawab. Before he hit the shoe to Nawab, the target failed, and the entire class of students laughed out loud.

And class lecture time ended, the students left the classroom, then Sir Awais called the maid and asked them to clean the classroom, as soon as Sir Awais walked out of the classroom, not seeing the shoes on his feet. The students started laughing on him, Sir Awais regarded it as a disgrace and a straight voice went to the vice Chancellor room

And where was the principal, sir Awais say may i come in to your room by knocking door,

Vice Chancellor says yes come in please so Sir Awais entering to principal room,

Upon entering Sir Awais’s in to room, the principal sighed,

And they said, Sir, what has happened to you this morning? Did you come here or did you miss wearing shoes in the morning?

Sir Awais said no, Sir, it is all happened to me because of the Graduate (Part One) stident Which name is Nawab and now all Students are laughing at me,

Principal said yes yes talk also happens laughter Principal laugh again and didn’t control his laughing،

Sir Awais told principal sir even you are laughing why،

At the same time telephone rings. The principal receives the call and tells Sir Awais that you should sit here and handle this seat until I arrive. Okay, goodbye.

At that point 2 pm it is time to leave and all the students go home and Sir Awais also sit in his car and heads home. On the way, his car collides and he gets out of the car to shout on the driver. At the start, the driver quickly get out of the car

Comes near to sir Awais and give him some money……………


Counsel novel

And to compensate Sir Awais for getting the car repaired, the sibling forgives his mistake and will fix his car with the money, but the thirty-three Sir Awais got angry and said that the vehicle was not coming. So why do you drive the road is your grandfather’s and the car is your father’s, so a really good-looking grandfather comes out of this car.

And asks the driver what is the problem and why the vehicle is stopped for so long,

The driver says that Sir’s car has been hit by our car, so the car is stopped and its

Sir are constantly angry

The owner of the car speaks beautiful young man not hitting his car fine, Pay some money, you get paid and finish sort out,

Upon hearing this, Sir Awais and the fire broke out and the young man in the car gave a two-four,

All this was done out of the grandfather’s looking youth. Now he saw Nau. Now he stared him. He pulled out a straight pistol and shot Sir Awais in the leg. Sir Awais was no longer afraid and fell into the street, scolding and saying bad things all this time.

All this was out of the young man’s understanding, he left Sir Awais for a minute, pulled a cigarette out of his pocket, now lit a cigarette and threw it in the burning bag of Machis,

It was too late to get near the Petrol that the explosion burned the car and Professor Awais Saw kept watching his car burning,

Sir Awais did not really know this man. If he knew, he would not even pass him by and not get confused with him. But what happens is that he remains. he gives,

Now Sir Awais, having been shot in the leg, but still he dared to rise, grabbed the young man by the collar of his neck and said, i will not leave you, you have seduced me, me Awais’s , The car is burned, I will imprison you. Like a bell I have to deal with. Now I am going to the police station. It will say that everyone who is biting, so without the bell, the bully, the robber, the bastard, I will not leave you, I will tell you what was coming in the mouth of Sir Awais. The young man approached and approached to Sir Awais and said, “You do a lot of things, see your condition, not able to walk and go to the police station. You will file a report against me at the police station. They can not against me,

Sir Awais said that the police are of our people for our, public,

The young man made a loud laugh on Sir Awais spoked words and angrily told the driver to put him in the dugout of car,

The driver did so and struck Sir Awais in the car of the boss,

He put it on and started driving Shortly afterwards, the car reached the Grandfather Young’s bungalow. The driver got out of the car and opened the car door for the boss. As soon as the guard exited the car, a guard approached the boss and said, “Sir, she is Naima Madam sitting in galary for an hour.” The boss has come in. Why did Naima come, A guard tell me why she has come, she will definitely come to take the money. I’ll see her.

The boss shouted to one of the guards and said, “Hear this crazy man out of the dungeon, dying somewhere and calling a doctor to get him out of his leg, but don’t let him run away.

Episode 3

Counsel novel

Yes boss as you would say,

The boss was now thinking about Naima while walking why this time has come. What a nonsense she has to do now. Let’s see her too.

As soon as the boss opens the door, naima says i’m sitting in the gallery for so long and waiting for you , now I was about to leave.

I wish I could come to my darling Naima and put hands on her shoulders and say, ‘Oh my soul, if I knew that you were coming, I would cancel the meeting and wait for you to come to dinner with Candlelight. I wish I had gotten off the shoulder now, so if you did call and tell me, I would get stuck.

Naima says you wish you did not talk to me then it is better if she says why don’t I take out my mobile first and see how many times I made calls to you but you are able to make a single call rescue. Yes, I check my cell phone and say that you have received so many missed calls in Naima. My phone was on Silent, so I did not know what good man sorry naima darling . Tell me why you come any reason I was come to met you oh really naima

Aakash takes off his coat and throws it on the sofa, sits down with softly and says, I have no mood to talk to anyone today. Talk straight. How much money you want, Naima says I don’t want money. I need a VIP Couple Room Booking and a Flight Ticket Well I pay for the ticket, removes the checkbook from my coat and completes the check. This low time money for your ticket will also be a good shopping for you. Well, tell me what country you intend to visit, is there any special work, why go and she is also going to London in a couple room coupon booking. Naima El responds to issues of fun to go out there shopping Ok I’m not going to have fun i am only going there to meet my love,

Aakash stood up suddenly and said, “Do you want to go to the bastard again? How hard have I got you out of his clutches? You won’t go there if booking a ticket to another place.” If done, I will get it done now or else I will tear it down

Please do not tear this check while Naim AaKashi’s feet and crying please get me a ticket to London. I only want to meet him once and never again. Pam has changed. he was also apologizing to me. No, he is a crap person you will never meet him now and now go to your home,

A servant from the outside enters and says boss he is making a lot of noise. Which guy’s head you just brought in the dungeon. Why did you get shot from his leg? If you come or leave me, go ask me what two sleeping pills give her and don’t come to me now he goes to the employee.

Looking at Akash to Naima, who was still crying, calling the driver, the driver comes in gallarry and says yes boss Akash says go go leave Naima Madam at his house. No need to go on my own Akash wish the driver forcibly left Naima to the house saying that the nature of Naima is bad, the driver leaves Naima outside the house and returns home.

Naima arrives home and starts crying in front of the mirror so the mobile phone rings. Naima picks up the cell phone without seeing the name and says Hello, Who is on call? Naima says yes Samab said, Samab says what happened to your voice, are you crying, do not say what is Naima why you are crying Naima suddenly cuts the phone call.

Samab starts wondering what has happened. Naima looked so happy at the university now all of a sudden what happened to naima Samab then dial again Naima’s phone number but is this why Naima has turned off her mobile. So Samab’s aunty enters the room because Samab daughter looks so upset. Samab says that naima was crying . Aunty asks that how did you know her crying. Just called him and let me make her cry

The voice said I asked her but she cut the call before she told me and now her number is constantly closing so I am worried about her. There will be a problem so she will be crying. No matter what the problem may be with her house, she lives alone and she is very rich. What will happen to her problem? She solves everything by herself. The wind she is hiding from me and crying samab daughter can not be solved with money Some issues are of the heart and relationships but also, oh,

So just don’t worry about Naima and go to sleep , in the morning you have to go to university too. Don’t worry so much. Daughter, now I go to bed. No one knows what shameer is doing. I’m not thinking both of the fools will think less of themselves and more of others,

What a lot of shameer is doing, saying aunty by keeping a glass of milk. Drinking and falling asleep is good. It’s just a bit of a fun task. The only file left and after my work completed I will drink thank you for bringing a glass of milk for me at that time mom. Mom says goodnight and walk to her room,

Episode 4

After a while shameer finished his work and sleeping and on the other side Samab is also sleeping in his room, At midnight it is around 2 am when the voice of someone screams and the woman gets up on her bed. And hearkens carefully and hears any voice, oh my God.

Aunty reach in shameer room knocked loudly and said, “Get up early shameer i hear the sounds of Samab screaming. I do not know what has happened to her. So the shameer get up quickly. No matter what happened, why are you screaming, why are you screaming? The mother of the shameer asks to bring a glass of water. Shameer quickly fills a glass of water from the adjacent table. Ask Samab why you were screaming so much?

Samab was sweating and she suddenly spoke, that she saw a dream when she was asleep while I was dreaming that three young men were running after me and I was scared of them. It will come because there is a very steep slope and I am standing at the top of the slope. If I step back, then the bottom will fall from a deep height and all three come close to me and take out their swords. Then i fall to the ground now that they will surely kill me, but one of them comes to me and stands up and kills them with a sharp sword. Seeing this, they become unconscious and my eyes are opened. Shameer In the sense of making fun of samab, in your dream, there will be the third person who has beaten them and brought you to safety will be i. Aunty ask shameer with Insulting she has saw such a bad dream and she is crying and you are making fun of her, Get out from this room and go in your own room. Then shameer goes to sleep in own room. Let’s sleep, too. Samab is blanketed to sleep and the aunt also puts her hand on her head and looks at herself.

It is morning now the shameer has come to exercise and now the room is getting ready for breakfast. Meanwhile Samab is also preparing to go to university. Shameer is getting ready to go to the office. Come on breakfast, yes this shameer does not come in the room or let the son call him too and both sit down and have breakfast which I am calling now.

Samab goes up the stairs to the counting room and says how many voices have given you shameer but you have not heard any one. Come down now and take breakfast,

Shameer put the collar of shirt tells me samab what happened to you at night, Samab says nothing but just come to Samab and says thank you if you had a bad dream. If that was not the case, I would not know what to do, Samab asks. Well if the shameer was actually all this, how would you do it? I will take the life of all those who try to take you away from me. Samab then tells shameer to be released, that if anyone has really taken away from you, then Shamab said, “I will not let you belong to anyone; Samab said that you love me so much. Samab said,” I can not bear you with anyone else. “Samab laughed.” Not even a aunty, he said, “She is my mother, Samab speaks. Now there are many romance things. Now let’s come down to breakfast. Well let’s go down and Samab starts to have breakfast.”

Episode 5

Today egg pudding is very good, are you make it, saman says no aunty made this egg pudding ramiz replied yes i analysis that my mother can only makes best and tasty egg pudding for me, Samab says what is this means Ramiz says you should get training from my mom I remember take this egg pudding but what does that acetate seem to be less and the salt more, that is, the last time you tried unsuccessfully to make an acid, the salt was put in excess and the color burned. Did you learn something from my mother or take cooking classes you didn’t even have to put a button on the shirt and started making mullet, Madam Samab angrily said, “Okay, so last time you did my shirt. I remember the button that was pressed, now let’s have breakfast. You have to leave university and both get up.

Shameer starts engine with a motorcycle coming in. Come back behind the samab, we are going out the door, we are going to close the door inside. The room smells good. You come in and close the door. Go people i am coming ,

Both of them Samab and shameer sit on the bikes and start ride on the way Samab tells shameer today do not come to pick up me at university during the holiday shameer says but why, i have to go to Naima’s house today. The car is back when she leaves me at home, okay take care of yourself, okay

Lets move from bike we have reached to your university Samab says ok goodbye , as just Samab reached outside of her class room Samab mobile phone rings Samab Hy, Naima is talking I am not going to come to university but why Samab says to Naima, Naima. After hearing the call, the call is cut off and Samab’s phone number is reconnected with Naima’s phone number. Samab thinks this is what happened to Naima. He also off the number yesterday and still has a problem. So in the meantime, Naima’s friend Ramiz’s group is passing by. Ramiz stands up to Samab. Dude, you guys go to the classroom. Raising his hand, he says, “Samab,” without answering his hand without saying, Ramiz pulls his outstretched hand back and says why you are alone, where is your friend Naima? Samab said that the nature of Naima was bad and thats why she did not come, why did she not come, Samab says, I do not know, then you will come to ask the nature of Naima. And before I say any more, he says I’m late for class and headed to the classroom.

Ramiz thinks and says in his heart, “What is this girl behavior with me? Why she did not gives me lift to a rich woman like me? The university girls are dying to get behind me and this is only the one girl that made me crazy at first sight. And no matter how selfish, let’s go to Ramiz Class, I like Samab behavior but cute cutie Girl will ever befriend me.

Ramiz is standing there thinking that the sound of his friend samand is coming from behind. When are all your friends waiting? Yes, I was coming towards the class. No, we went to class but Professor Jamil has not come so we are free today from their lecture, so We did not come to class and all our friends went to the canteen to chat there and I have come for you as well. I did not have the mood to listen to Sir Jamil’s lectures. Well, inside, my heart was listening to something new today,



Next episode is coming soon on daily basis,

Wait and patients to read thrilling episode of counsel novel daily,

Counsel novel counsel novel counsel novel counsel novel counsel novel counsel novel counsel novel counsel novel counsel novel

Counsel novel
Counsel novel

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How to loose weight

How to loose weight

How to loose weight

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How to loose weight in a week

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How to loose weight fast

Loose weight quickly and fast is not my recommendation , if you will ask from me then my opinion will be to lose weight with in 2 or 3 months not in 2 weeks , and do your self some special activities such as lift weight daily , eat protein rich diet , avoid sugary drinks and sweet dishes , avoid oily or processed foods , avoid fast food etc walk daily , drink green tea daily at night or morning , after two months you will shed many pounds weight so don’t worry , continue your [3] struggles , achieve goal , and enjoy ,

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