Payment methods

Products and payment issues


What kind of products in this store?

Recently we are offering our products only in digital form only ebooks.

How can i get my favorite one digital products on your store?

You have to download our products by clicking download button after paying tagged charges written on each and every product,

After paying charges if i can not download it by clicking button then what should i do?

if download button doesn’t work then contact us by email address we will send that one product in your email inbox and one thing more While filling your payment form your email address should be correct and same where you want to receive your ebook so that if you don’t receive your product or can not download it then we can deliver you that product on the same email address which will you mention by filling payment form and book will be in your inbox,

Are you offering free digital products?

Yeah, some of our products are free of cost, and some are paid written by other users,

How can i buy these digital products?

Recently we are accepting only jazzcash payment methods but in future we will add many more for our users,

On which number i will send my payment?

You can use our jazzcash QuickPay id  17807302 to transfer ebook charges to us,

What types of ebook can be downloadable?

Downloadable ebooks are only in PDF form which can be easily downloads to any smartphones,