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Homemade Vaseline hair mask

Homemade Vaseline hair mask

Homemade Vaseline hair mask

How to make hair mask at home with vaseline / petroleum jelly instantly?


Hair present a good  look on  our overall personality if your hair will smooth  and  shiner then you feel confident and  comfortable while in a party and if your has hair  dull looked  and you are not  taking proper good care of your hair then this only  15 minutes hair mask remedy can save your’s  a lot of time staying at  beauty parlour or applying  expensive hair sprays,

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So the  hair mask which I am sharing with you  is very simple, one thing is white color Vaseline which we called  petroleum jelly is occasionally  places in our home, first take  two teaspoon of petroleum jell in  a bowl then add 3 teaspoon of essentiall almond oil  or coconut oil now mix  it well with teaspoon your  hair mask is ready for applying on  your hair ,


But before applying  this mask on your hair first comb  in your  hair then apply  this petroleum jell hair mask from root  to tips with your fingers to make it smooth , leave it on your hair about 15 minutes then rinse your hair with water , your hair will shiny and smooth look ,

Homemade Vaseline hair mask

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Remove unwanted hair with waxing


How to remove unwanted hair with waxing


What is waxing?

Waxing is a process to remove unwanted hair from tip to roots by using sticky substantce this sticky substantce is called waxing and then removing this (substantce) cover by pulling out hairs these unwanted hair will not grow back in certain area where wax applied before,

What are the benefits of waxing?

After waxing your skin look soft and smooth without cuts or scars looking younger skin at all,

What are the types of waxing?

There are two types of waxing soft and hard soft,

What is soft wax?

soft wax ( cold wax) is know as strip wax which will required strips to remove it,

What is hard wax?

Hard wax is ( hot wax) is known as heated wax it will required to make softened on light stove temperature or in microwave oven to removed unwanted hair,

How many quantity of wax should be applied on skin?

If you are using soft wax then apply thin layer of wax and it uses strips but when you do hard wax it will applied in thicker layer without strips,

Which wax is less painful?

Hard wax is less painful than soft wax when using hard wax pores open by heat so making it much easier to pull out hair from roots without strips,

Which wax is expensive?

Soft wax may be expensive because you have to buy pellon strips,

Where can i use hard wax?

You can use hard wax on any area of body where you want to remove facial hair like underarms, bikni and face area,

Where can soft wax used?

You can use soft wax on larger areas of your body likke armpit and legs,

Can i apply wax on sensitive areas?

Hard wax can be applied on sensitive areas like underarms and legs and remove unwanted hair with waxing is easy but for some one it may be painful so practice is best before waxing,

Can you use hard wax on upper lips?

Yeah hard wax can be use on small areas like upper lips or bikni area by using a thick layer of it, but waxing legs or arms use soft wax,

How many days after waxing hair will growth?

Waxing is not a permanent solution of removing hair it will get rid you from unwanted hair approximately 6 to 8 weeks, but you can temporary remove unwanted hair with waxing for 6 weeks ,

Why hard wax is without strips?

Hard wax is applied on skin when warm and spread it evenly and in thin form when its cool it will be moulds on to the skin and grips unwanted hair when pulling opposite,

What should i do before waxing?

Take a shower to open your pores but don’t use any soap or hard clean wash which can dry your skin,

Can i use moisturizing cream before waxing?

Avoid cream, gel, lotion, oil or any moisturizer on your skin before waxing because it can irritate your skin while waxing,

What should you not to do after waxing to avoid irritation?

Dress loose shirts and pants, don’t wear tight clothes after waxing for around 24 hours, avoid scrubs, soaps , face wash or any thing moisturizing thing which can cause irritating avoid must then remove unwanted hair with waxing ,